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Recalibrate Digital Commerce.

Tearing down the walls between buyers and sellers through efficient communication, small fees and privacy.

White Paper Executive Summary

How It Started

We saw an opportunity in creating a better communication process between buyers and sellers, so in 2014 we created an app that rewarded users for interacting with ads.

In 2015 we created our own e-coin and micro economy.

Over 400 medium-sized businesses acquired customers using our advertising platform. Using our early app, 25% of these sellers rewarded our buyers with free stuff of over 70k EUR.

  • 70kUSERS

Partnerships & Clients

All of us pay to be bothered by ads.

Industry Challenges

Advertising costs are included in the price of products & services, so we actually pay to see and be bothered by ads. The system is so inneficient that the added costs have become unbearable.

Buyers share data and receive nothing in return.

Platforms get data from buyers for free, then sell it and never give anything back. While sellers & middlemen move your data around, there is increased risk of that data being leaked.

The current way of dealing with personal data lacks equity, transparency, and ultimately security.

Middlemen clog the industry.

Digital marketing budgets are mostly spent on middlemen who move the data of individuals around in a loop of commissions.

These middlemen also charge for their knowledge of using the very complex ad-managers that current platforms employ.

Sellers hunt buyers with ads.

Sellers force their products and advertising on buyers. Buyers become increasingly passive and elusive as they begin to suffer from ad-fatigue.

These inefficient, yet cumulated marketing efforts result in a cost for products and services that is overall higher.

Market projections

The industry is facing many challenges and we are one of the many companies working to solve them. This is a huge industry and solving some of its problems will come with great rewards.

The All Time High Cryptocurrency market cap is just a spock when compared to retail sector projections for 2018:

800 Bilion $ Cryptocurrency all time high market cap
Blockchain for real world problems

The Zoidcoin Solution

Zoidcoin is a tech company that provides blockchain solutions for real world problems.

For the Zoidcoin Network we make use of our proprietary privacy and payment protocols to solve the data security and payment efficiency problems, while the inneficiency in advertising is solved through our reward-based communication model.

Our solutions are directly linked to our company values:



Buyer data is the fuel of digital marketing and we think it is only fair that buyers get rewarded for their data.



The Zoid privacy protocol makes it impossible for anyone to link the collected data to the buyer that generated the data.



The buyers are informed from the start that their data is used in commercial purposes, but they agree because they are rewarded for sharing it.

Our system creates the environment for buyers and sellers to communicate efficiently.

Buyer Responsibilities

Be transparent

Buyers are expected to share their personal details, their interests, and their demographic data with sellers.

Buyer Benefits

The buyers remain anonymous, benefit from data protection and are also in complete control of their data. Our Zoid Privacy Protocol makes it impossible to link data to its owner while giving total control of that data to its respective owner.

Buyers receive rewards for sharing data with the sellers: their interests, demographics, and wish lists.

Buyer Responsibilities

Communicate in a straightforward manner

Buyers need to directly tell sellers what they need, when they need it, and even what they do not need or do not need anymore.

Buyer Benefits

Buyers receive access to a feedback-centric app which enables them to easily offer feedback in a seamless way without having their experience affected.

Buyers receive rewards for giving feedback on ads: for positive feedback through conversion buttons and for negative feedback through adjustment buttons.

Buyer Responsibilities

Behave fairly

When buyers have wish listed items, if the sellers can provide the buyers with the specific items, a purchase is due, as it is fair for both parties. It is only fair. Making sellers struggle to offer the items you request and then not purchasing them is not beneficial to anyone.

Buyer Benefits

Buyers receive increased extra benefits when they make a conversion. The buyer level on the platform increases and it makes buyers eligible to receive extra benefits. Purchases are the only way of reaching the "Pro" buyer level. One of the benefits of the Pro buyers is that they can withdraw the ZCN earned from rewards.

Seller Responsibilities

Struggle for performance

We want the sellers to learn how the platform works and advertise accordingly. Inefficient ads increase costs for all parties involved, so in order for the platform to work efficiently, sellers must struggle for performance.

Seller Benefits

Sellers with a higher Performance Rating will pay less for ads, so that the advertising cost is performance-based.

Sellers receive accurate data provided, and continuously updated directly by the buyers.

Zoidcoin offers a user-friendly ads manager, created with industry-specific templates. To help sellers reach peak performance, we give them tutorials on how to use the platform and guide them through the whole process.

Seller Responsibilities

Behave fairly

The efficiency of the platform results in cutting the costs for the buyers as well. It is only fair that the sellers make special deals for the buyers who provide them with data and feedback at every step of the retail process. The platform is efficient only when it reduces the cost for both the buyers and the sellers.

Seller Benefits

Sellers receive advertising discounts. The sellers who create special deals for the products and services sent through the buyers' wish lists receive the biggest advertising discounts.

Sellers with a high Fairness Rating have access to the Tasks feature. This feature allows Sellers to reward Pro buyers for completing specific tasks for them. The Fairness score is calculated based on the post-purchase feedback from buyers and on our platform metrics.

Seller Responsibilities

Offer exclusivity

Our efficient marketplace cannot cut costs for sellers who waste money on inefficient platforms. We would love that our sellers become Zoidcoin Exclusive.

Seller benefit

Sellers become self-accountant. Our payment protocol allows sellers to automate their accountancy processes.

Sellers take advantage of fast and cheap transactions regardless of location, also courtesy of our blockchain payment protocol.

ZCN Use Cases

Zoidcoin (ZCN) is an ERC 20 Token that fuels Zoidcoin Network.

Zoidcoin Network is governed by our Privacy and Payment protocols. These protocols run on The Ethereum Network, they are fully automated, and require ZCN transactions to be activated.

The protocols can be used as solutions for other companies as well, but they still require ZCN transactions to function.

ZCN adoption will be accelerated not only by the success of Zoidcoin Network but also by the adoption of the protocols by other companies.

ZCN can be used to:

  • Purchase advertising space inside our platform and app.

  • Reward buyers for their interaction and therefore contribution to our platform.

  • Purchase goods and services inside Zoidcoin Network

The Zoid Privacy Protocol

The Zoidcoin Privacy Protocol offers a unique approach to data security and user privacy in a time where GDPR-compliant businesses are a must.

By creating an unique token for each user that boards the platform, Zoidcoin has developed a unique way of assuring our users privacy and data security, while allowing them to be in full control of their personal information.

This token is governed by smart contracts that manage the user input data and structure it into specific clusters; these clusters are automatically created and managed by the smart contracts that govern the whole Zoidcoin Core.

Some of the features: Privacy, Data Security, Data Analytics, Targeting, Login.


By rewiring the interactions between buyers and sellers, Zoidcoin reinstates the buyer as an active actor in the retail economy.

Instead of being hunted, the buyer's insight becomes a tradeable resource that drives efficiency in the market, lowering the overall costs of all actors.

Token Sale Details


280 M Zoidcoin (ZCN)


Total allocated funds for future users, platform bonuses and development.


420 M Zoidcoin (ZCN)


For our Initial Coin Offering, the total allocated tokens represent 60% of the Total Supply.

The Zoidcoin Network token sale consists of 4 stages with different token prices, where 370M tokens will be sold, while 50M tokens will be allocated to our bounty campaign.

Use of Funds

This is an overview of ZOIDCOIN Development Plan. Any updates of the plan will be announced here and on the official announcement channels.

Funds Allocation


First version of Mobile App
Launched Microeconomy with Mobcoin
Launched Marketplace
Zoidcoin Website
Whitepaper 1.0
Whitepaper 2.0
Zoidcoin Website 2.0
Zoidcoin Bounty Dashboard
Private Pre-sale
Public sale start
Zoidcoin Beta app
Public sale end

Next Roadmap Update: To be announced after we will reach our softcap.

Partners & Clients

My City Life
Egnatia Hotels
Target Web

We are fully compliant on the legal, audit and accounting sides alike. Our solutions are fit for the current business environment thanks to the services provided by:



The Team

Vasile Burcin

Founder / CEO

Loucas Markides

Global Director

Eduard Oneci

Co-Founder / Head of Blockchain

Andrei Popa

Chief Marketing Officer

Mircea Muscalu

Lead Software Engineer

Tiberiu Jakab

Lead Copywriter

Vlad Burcin

Growth Manager

Iulian Gavrilov

Software Engineer

Catalin Vasile

Customer Service

Jesus Rico Vargas

Community Manager

Ştefan Alexandru Bãluţ

Technical Support Lead

Stefan Dragomir

Head of Design


Mario Vasilescu

CEO/Co-Founder at Readefined

Vassilis Nikolopoulos

Entrepreneur | Researcher | Innovator

Iulian Ghisoiu

Founder & CEO at Target Web SEO Agency